Sunday, June 14, 2015

New Book Has Title!

My Newest Children's Book

Protect the Wildlife of Yellowstone!

"Good friends are like gold, but sometimes difficult to find.  Nevertheless, when a mustang foal is lost and cut off from her family, an unlikely hero steps in to help and instantly befriend her. 

This heartwarming story is about Sherbear, a young bear, who finds a frightened mustang foal named Simony-Pony. Ranchers chased Simony-Pony and her family and now she is lost. Sherbear, her friends and Simony-Pony play and explore as they search Yellowstone for the mustangs. Not all goes well, though, when humans are in the mix.   

It is a beautiful story with all ending well and lessons learned.  Each chapter includes “Factoids” about the area and the animals who inhabit it.  The end of the book includes an environmental “Call to Action”.  I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Rewritten Etiquette Publications

More Books!

I've rewritten all my etiquette books and lesson plans.  These are just an example.

Americans come from many countries with diverse cultures and yet we have a unique culture and etiquette. For a person from another country to arrive today, to study, work, or live, it may be a bit daunting to try to fit in.  This second edition, Cultural Awareness: Understanding American Culture & Etiquette can be your guide to navigate these differences.

Also included in this information-packed book is suggested homework and numerous examples, making this
an indispensable book for those just visiting or staying here in the U.S.

About one quarter of businessperson’s work time is spent in meetings. It’s even worse for a CEO. This fact emphasizes the need for effective, civilized business meetings. This second edition—completely revised and rewritten—Business Meeting Etiquette: How to Make Every Meeting Successful can be your guide.  

Also included in this information-packed book is suggested homework and numerous examples, making this an indispensable book for those planning and participating in business meetings.  

I completely revised my Workplace Etiquette; How to Create a Civil Workplace Book as well.  The new revision is excellent and includes homework and quizzes to sharpen your skills.
Today’s workplace environment can be very disruptive and unpleasant at times. This third edition, entirely rewritten and easy to read comprehensive book, which includes homework and quizzes, teaches the reader how to change a toxic environment into the type of workplace in which he or she and co-workers would want to work. 

Author, Rebecca Black of Etiquette Now! has taught countless workshops on this subject. Now you can have this same workplace saving advice in the palm of your hand without spending hundreds of dollars to attend one of her workshops. Subjects include Business Meeting & Business Meal Etiquette.