Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Sapphire and Atlantians: War in Atlantis

Sapphire and The Atlantians: War in Atlantis

Sapphire's Vision

Currently, I am crafting a war which takes place in my newest book Sapphire and The Atlantians: War in Atlantis. This scene is very dark, so please stop reading if it is too violent for you.  The darkness is needed to foreshadow a few elements for the end of this book and the beginning of the next. 

First, a little backstory.  Atlantians have gifts, like empathy (more than simple telepathy), telekinesis, seeing (future and past) and healing.  Sapphire is very gifted (you'll have to read the books to learn more about her gifts).  Arion, an extremely gifted empath, can alter thoughts and memories.  Moreover, he can alter a person's reality.  In a nut shell, he is evil--deliciously evil.

In the following, scene for my new book, Sapphire, our female protagonist, is weary after many days of no sleep.  Consequently, she stumbles into a quiet room to take a short nap before the next battle.  Here is what happens:

Exhausted, Sapphire stumbles into a quiet room to lay her weary head down for a short nap.  “I cannot remember when I’ve slept last,” she realizes as she closes her eyes.  A white, longhaired cat jumps up onto the plump settee on which Sapphire reclines and curls up next to her.  The feline's gentle purring lulls her into a deep sleep within seconds.  

Soon, she finds herself slowly strolling through a field of fragrant flowers and herbs.  The variety of heady scents suggests her grandmother’s home is nearby.  “Hmm, I have missed this place.  The north is just so...lovely,” she contemplates.  The vernal field leads into a dark forest—very common in the north.  

Gazing up through the treetops and into the sunny blue sky, she notices a majestic brown hawk with a red tail.  “By the stars, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a hawk like that in Atlantis,” she notes.  Oddly, she feels a connection to the regal raptor as she watches it swooping around the tall trees of the forest.  Suddenly a shrill scream precedes its falls from the sky, landing at Sapphire’s feet.  As it hits the ground, the hawk slowly transforms into Alex.  

Falling to her knees sobbing, she lays her body across his, only to find his body dissolving into a pool of blood.  Blood drips from her hands as she pulls herself up.  As she stands, she looks down to find her clothing stained a dark red.  Dazed, she begins to scream, but a violent spin silences her.  

Lightheaded and confused, she finds her dreamscape transformed into her adopted uncle’s home in San Francisco.  Xavier, graying dark hair, dressed in a fine, navy-blue silk suit, walks into his contemporary white kitchen happily humming a jazzy tune.  Reaching out to him, she yells for help.  Yet, the scene dissolves once again as she finds herself teleporting onto the cold, gray granite streets of eastern Atlantis.  Greeting her are broken, bloody bodies lying in the street, doorways and across window ledges.   Her hands shake and her stomach lurches.  On wobbly legs, she raises a quivering hand to her mouth and whispers, “They are all dead.”   

Outside forces spin her once again as she witnesses a montage of bloody scenes, all much the same—no survivors.  The spinning abruptly halts, and like a discarded ragdoll, she drops painfully onto a white marble floor.   Her entire body aches and she feels nauseous.  As she slowly pushes her body from the hard, cold floor, she notices drops of fresh blood scattered across it.  She finds contrast of red and white a macabre testimonial of victory and brutal loss. 

A familiar blustery voice jolts her attention toward a group of arguing white robed Atlantians sitting in intricately carved wooden chairs set around a round pedestal table.  Yelling incoherently, Arion appears to their left.  They ignore his taunts and complaints as they continue their angry discussion.  Seething with anger, Arion steps behind a graying, older Atlantian woman and with one swift movement, stabs her with a long black knife.  He pulls her by the hair so he can see her face as she dies.  He looks into her eyes as he grunts, “And, you thought yourself immortal, didn’t you, Calisto.”  

Before the others can subdue him, each falls to the ground moaning in pain.  He pulls the knife from Calisto’s back so roughly that blood spatters his suit.  Pointing the blood stained knife at them, he declares, “Enjoy an eternity of confusion and pain, my Tui Siri Masters.”