Saturday, July 22, 2017

Sapphire Series of Novels

First Sapphire Novel is Published!!  

Sapphire & The Atlantians is available on Amazon today!

In the heart of colorful Atlantia on the island of Atlantis lives an unlikely future hero: a scrawny teenage girl. For now, Sapphire lives a secluded life in The Elders’ Compound with a bunch of seers. Her only respite is visiting her grandmother in the forests of Iolite twice a year and when Jasper, her only friend, visits the compound.
For the most part, these last fifteen years have been one boring lesson after another learning the mysteries of science, math, history and the ways of humans. Little does she know of the gifts she will soon receive for her upcoming sixteenth birthday nor the battle she will fight to save the human world.

Sapphire & The Atlantians (Sapphire Series of Novels, #1)