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Rebecca Black is most recognized as the co-owner, consultant, trainer and creative lead of Etiquette Now! with clients from around the world. For over two decades, she created unique classes, lesson plans and books, as well as written articles and answered etiquette questions for her, now retired, websites, blogs and for others--most notably Yahoo. 

Rebecca - also known as the Polite One - began her career as a California credentialed teacher, but found that the classroom environment limited her creativity. Thus, she retired early to find her calling in helping others through her etiquette training. 

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Through these many years as a successful etiquette consultant and writer, she often yearned to spend more time focused on writing.  In 2014, she took the plunge, accepted fewer clients, and spent most of her 10-hour days tapping the keys of her faithful companion, her computer.  Those long days yielded over 50 etiquette books and lesson plans, all of which are available on Amazon.
However, as much as Rebecca loves helping others through teaching and writing etiquette books, it isn't her first love--well besides her loving husband Walker.  She loves writing fiction.  Surprise!  Yep, all these years of writing etiquette related prose, she kept files of stories to finish another time.  Well, that time has come.  

Rebecca recently published three fully-illustrated children's fiction books. Check out her two Jellywonker books, Save the Jellywonkers! Help Keep the Oceans Clean and Beware the Blackness .  

Additionally, her new children's series just may delight little ones.  The Tale of a Bear & Pony; A Yellowstone Adventure and the Jellywonker series of books are available now on Amazon.

Sapphire & The Atlantian Series

Sapphire & The Atlantians, Book One of a trilogy will soon be published.  

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