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Jellywonkers are unique, colorful sea creatures. Besides cleaning the ocean floor and seamounts, Jellywonkers love to learn and travel. Save the Jellywonkers is about Ted’s travels with his two friends Humphrey and Maud. Ted is a Jellywonker, Humphrey a humpback whale and Maud is a pelican. Together they discover the beauty and some unhealthy, environmental issues affecting our oceans.    

Each Jellywonker Adventure is more than just an enjoyable story for young children; each is an educational tome including factoids and a call for action. In this particular book, Save the Jellywonkers, we learn about geography and a number of sea creatures.

Save the Jellywonkers! Help Keep Our Oceans Clean!

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New Jellywonker Book!

Beware the Blackness; A Jellywonker Adventure

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Beware the Blackness is story about a Jellywonker named Ted venturing with his friend Humphrey, a humpback whale to the waters of Alaska.  There, they meet up with their friend Maud, a pelican.  Together they discover an oil spill which threatens the beauty and health of all creatures sharing these waters.   

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